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California Title 22

  • CA Title 22 Summary
    CA Title 22 Summary

    For commercial pools and spas there are some new rules in 2016 that can be tough to meet. We have gone through the code and summarized the requirements. Also includes an updated list of the California counties the MiniWarden and PoolWarden are approved in.

  • MiniWarden vs PoolWarden
    MiniWarden vs PoolWarden

    MiniWarden and PoolWarden comparison for Title 22

  • PoolWarden T22 Summary
    PoolWarden T22 Summary

    California Title 22 and the PoolWarden

Chemical Automation Manuals

  • MiniWarden Manual
    MiniWarden Manual

    MiniWarden Single Pool Controller

  • PoolWarden Manual
    PoolWarden Manual

    PoolWarden Single or Two Pool Controller

  • Data Server
    Data Server

    ControlOMatic data server manual with demo account access for all three service levels.

  • TrueDPD Manual
    TrueDPD Manual

    Adding the TrueDPD free chlorine colorimetric sensor option to the PoolWarden or MiniWarden, setup and operation.

  • Direct Connect
    Direct Connect

    Guidelines for setting up direct connect

  • TrueDPD Setup Guide
    TrueDPD Setup Guide

    Handy guide for setup and operation of the TrueDPD free chlorine sensor.

  • TrueDPD PPM Relay Setup
    TrueDPD PPM Relay Setup

    When adding the TrueDPD free chlorine sensor there are new relay commands for sanitizer control. This guide explains all the new commands.

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