Spa Saltwater Chlorine Generator Videos

Our original video showing operation and information on our Spa Saltwater Chlorine generators. This video is a little out of date and we will soon have an updated product overview video.

SmarterSpa detects the chlorine level in your spa and turns on when the chlorine is low. This install video shows how easy it is to install and operate. The only spa chlorine generator in existence with chlorine control built in and with it's high chlorine production output will last a very long time.

We finished our comparison of chlorine production between the Saltron Mini and the SmarterSpa/ChlorMaker. The Saltron Mini makes between 8 and 11 grams of chlorine per day and the SmarterSpa makes 30 to 35 grams per day. The Youtube video shows how to perform the test and it about 10 minutes. The SmarterSpa makes about 3 times the chlorine as the Saltron Mini meaning it will be able to handle a larger spa and most like run at a lower power level which will increase the life span of the titanium plates.