Our chlorine generators should last between 7000 and 10000 hours of chlorine production. As they approach and exceed 7000 hours, you may notice that the chlorine production is dropping and you are increasing the power levels to keep the chlorine in range. This may also be more noticeable if when you installed your spa chlorinator you started with fresh water.

If you are not close to the life span then there may be a buildup of organic material and phosphates in the hot tub water which has increased the chlorine demand of your spa. The chlorine demand of your spa is simply the chlorine that is consumed by your spa and the saltwater system must make more than this amount for the chlorine to increase and be measured. Increasing the water temperature increases the demand as well as organic material, phosphates, amount of time since water replacement and so on.

Replace the water if over 8 months old.

Shock the spa water with either a chlorine free or if you don’t mind adding chlorine a chlorine based shock.

Other things to try are phosphate removers, enzymes and make sure your ozone generator is working if you have one.

    4 replies to "Salt indication LED is blue or green but not making enough chlorine"

    • Don Johnson

      I have a techniclor hooked up to a hot springspa prodigy the salt ppm is 2000plus when the generator is producing the lights are red the plates are clean so is there any way to test the plates?

      • admin

        How old is the TechniChlor, what is the serial number? Your name isn’t in our database. The plates last up to 10,000 hours of chlorine production and at the end of life the chlorine production will drop and the current (salt level indication) will also drop.

    • Norman C S Evans

      I can not find on your web site where to register my new SmarterSpa Serial # 951555 purchased from Gord at

      Canada Hot Tub Covers. May 10/2018

      Thanks…….Norman C S Evans

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