Self cleaning will help to reduce scale buildup but often isn’t enough to completely keep scale off the titanium plates. Before the buildup starts to short out the plates they should be cleaned. The buildup is a white substance that looks like salt but it is actually calcium or scale.

Turn off the unit if possible.

Fill a tall plastic cup with warm water and half a capful of pH down, or white vinegar – mild acid.

Put the cell in the cup for 30 minutes.

Remove and rinse off, may help to shake it if there is some stubborn scale. Try using a high pressure water nozzle.

Scale BuildupScale Removing

    2 replies to "Removing Scale – Saltwater Chlorine Generators"

    • Linda

      Can we use CLR to clean the cell, or should we use the spa boss salt cell cleaner (it contains citric acid anhydrous) which is for the Hot Springs Ace Cell.


      • admin

        Hi Linda, thanks for the question, the spa boss should be fine for cleaning the calcium buildup from our products. However, most just use white vinegar for 30 minutes and then rinse off the electrode.

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