PoolWarden / MiniWarden / SmarterPool: There are two types of communication – Data Server and Virtual Display. The controllers all can send data to the data server and the data can be viewed from any web browser and alarm emails and text messages can be sent. The virtual display allows for a two direction path to a virtual representation of the controller for checking on the current measurements and making changes. At ControlOMatic, we have 4 controllers that are online and you can test out the virtual display.

By clicking on any of the following links you will be connecting to a swimming pool chemical controller. If you find a bug please forward the finding to scott@controlomatic.com. The units are all password protected, you can press the up, down and right arrows to access more information. Pressing Back for the main menu will require the password.

Real Pool PoolWarden: This PoolWarden with TrueDPD is monitoring our residential pool and spa. It is only controlling the main circulation pump and the pH on pool 2 as we use the pool and spa for testing. The Pool is not operating as the temperature is low (winter) and the spa has a SmarterChlor.

The following are measuring 10 gallon aquarium that we use for trade shows and training:

MiniWarden: Measuring pH, ORP and temperature.

PoolWarden: Measuring pH, ORP, PPM and temperature on two pools. Both pools are the same aquarium water so we like it when the measurements are the same. Using the TrueDPD with a serial printer this is our California Title 22 development system.

SmarterPool: Measuring pH, free chlorine and temperature. This unit is also controlling the pH and free chlorine in the 10 gallon tank.

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