SmarterSpa Chlorine Generator

Mount the control box to the SPA’s skirt, add salt and place the electrode into the water – that is all there is to it. The control panel has 3 buttons for adjusting the chlorine production and 4 indicator lights to let you know when it is making chlorine or if you need to check the cell. The SmarterSpa doesn’t have a timed cycle and will automatically start making chlorine when needed. After it has finished a chlorine production cycle, it may be hours or even days until it turns on again. The SmarterSpa will definitely reduce the maintenance requirements of your spa and significantly reduce the amount of chemicals you may be currently using.

  • Patent pending chlorine detection control
  • Pure Chlorination, up to 30 grams per day
  • 10 Levels of Chlorine Production, up to 1000 gallon spa
  • Salt Level Indicator Lights, Red-low, Blue-good, Green-high
  • Self Cleaning Reverse Polarity Technology built in
  • Boost Mode: Start a generation cycle use!
  • Convenient 3 button control box
  • Adjustable zero poing (calibration)

The cell simply drapes over the side of the spa into the water and the spa doesn’t even have to be on when SmarterSpa is making chlorine.


  • 110/220 VAC Outlet That is GFCI Protected
  • Weather Protection Required At Power Source

Included In Purchase:

  • 15′ Power supply cord, 10’ Cell supply cord
  • Control box with 3 buttons, 4 lights
  • Low 5Vdc power 110/220 vac power supply
  • Salt & Chlorine Test Strips, 10 tests each
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Owners Manual and cable clips

The SmarterSpa electrode can be easily removed from the cell for cleaning if needed. Even though reversing polarity is provided, if the calcium hardness in the water is very high cleaning may be needed from time to time. The blue cable is 10 feet long and has 2 wires for supplying power to the titanium plates and 2 wires for the chlorine detection sensor.