MegaChlor is a semi-automated, saltwater chlorine generation system specifically designed for pools and swim spas up to 17,000 gallons. Upgrade to the MegaChlor-CD to add built-in chlorine control, granting you more time to enjoy the water and less time to work on maintenance.

MegaChlor Features:

Chlorine Detection Upgrade: MegaChlor-CD
For pools up to 17,000 gallons
10 Adjustable Power Levels: built-in ability to control chlorine production
Easy-To-Use Control Box: 3 buttons and 4 lights for operation; conveniently mounts to the pool or the spa’s skirt
Electrode simply drapes over the side of the pool/spa into the water (in-line kit available)
Automatic Cleaning: polarity reverses periodically to clean and help reduce calcium buildup
Salt Level Indicator Technology: lets you know when to add salt to maintain or boost chlorine production
Boost Mode allows for manual control
2,000 to 4,000 PPM salt concentration
Easy-To-Clean Electrode
No pool/spa modifications required, and pool/spa does not need to be turned on
15 foot power cord, 10 foot electrode cord
Supports both 110 and 220 VAC supply voltages​; also supports low voltage 12 VDC