Inline installation

We used to provide an inline version of the ChlorMaker and MegaChlor and we can still provide the kits but we don’t have a product offering with the kit included. Our products are safety certified, to have an inline version safety certified would require certification by the spa company and the inline chlorine generator would need to be installed at the spa factory. To install an inline system in with the spa’s equipment may void the spa’s warranty and may effect the safety certification so proceed with caution. An alternative is to install the drape over cell in the filter compartment which will keep it hidden and the cable can be run through the spa’s shell with a water tight connector to also keep the cables out of site.


  • Dave Meier

    Reply Reply April 6, 2017

    Does the MegaChlor inline system made for 2″ piping, and is it best to put it before or after the heater element?

    • admin

      Reply Reply April 6, 2017

      The exit should go after the heater. Make sure and use a bypass, if you install the MegaChlor in the main pipes that will destroy the electrode. It isn’t designed for high water flow. Also make sure that it isn’t on when there is no water flow, you do not want chlorine production in non moving water.

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