We generate Chlorine so you can relax.

With our ChlorGen technology, chlorine management is a breeze. This is the future of spa care. This is ControlOMatic.

Saltwater chlorination technology for YOUR HOT TUB

  • Pour Salt in Your Spa

    Salt, the earth’s most abundant resource, naturally contains chlorine. Pouring salt in your spa water prepares it for the chlorination process. It’s easy, just pour it in!

  • Add a Chlorine Generator

    Our units extract the chlorine contained in salt molecules.  With a small dongle draped over your tub, you can observe the satisfying process of bubbles forming as the chlorine is extracted. 

  • Enjoy Clean H20

    Enjoy the ease of salt water chlorine generation. Salt water chlorine is less irritating and nearly odorless. Sit back and relax. We’ll take care of the chlorine.

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    Hot Tub up to 1000 gallons

    Always-on Chlorine Generation





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      Hot Tub up to 3000 gallons

      Swim Spa 3500 gallons

      Pool 17000 gallons

      Always-on Chlorine Generation

      Auto Chlorine Detection


      "I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. It makes my spa basically automatic. I literally never have to worry about Chlorine levels ever! I do watch the ph, but it's been fine for the 2 months since I started using it."

      Amazon review, Oct 16 2019