What Can You Use Electrolyzed Water For?

If Electrolyzed water (EOW) is so great, you may be wondering why you haven't seen it in stores. Simply put, it has a relatively short shelf life, making it hard to distribute and sell in large stores. By making your own with our NatureChlor, you can make EOW on demand, guaranteeing you a fresh batch whenever you need it.

This process works by applying some electric current to a salt water solution, using only a 1/4 teaspoon of salt per quart of water. The current splits the molecules up into a disinfectant/sanitizer and a detergent. It is all non-toxic and works better than bleach, but, as mentioned earlier, it has a short shelf life.

In a short amount of time EOW turns back into normal water and salt, and depending on storage conditions, that time can be as short as a week or two. So if you want to use it, you essentially have to make it yourself. Unfortunately though, the equipment to do that can be costly, but that is where NatureChlor comes in: a low cost system to make your own. And, if you have previously purchased one of our hot tub systems, you already have the equipment to do so thanks to the electrode that came with it.

EOW looks just like regular water. Since it is a sanitizer and not a soap-based product, it will not lather, make bubbles, or emit a strong smell, as some people may expect it to. Oftentimes, those effects are from additives to the product, and we are proud to say that our recipe does not include those extra chemicals—it's just water, salt, and maybe vinegar if you need to lower the pH.