Electrolyzed Water FAQ

Hypochlorous Acid --- HOCL  ???

Hypochlorous acid is a free chlorine molecule with the molecular formula HOCl. It is the dominate free chlorine species in chlorine solutions that have a slightly acidic to neutral pH.

Does HOCL occur in nature

Hypochlorous acid or HOCL is produced naturally by the white blood cells of all mammals which includes us and used by white blood cells to kill invading microbial pathogens. 

What happens to Bacteria and other little things

HOCl is neutrally charged and bacteria have negatively charged cell walls. Just like magnets, molecules with the same charge will repel each other. Negatively charged molecules of bleach are repelled by bacterial cell walls. This is not the case with HOCl which is neutrally charged. HOCl easily penetrates bacterial cell walls. Hypochlorous acid either oxidizes the cell walls killing the bacteria or enters through the cell walls and destroying the vital components. 

Bad news for the bugs!!!!

When HOCL lands on a surface, it reacts with any germs or organic matter on that surface and then immediately deactivates them.

How do you make Electrolyzed Water?

Hypochlorous acid is made through the process of electrolysis. By passing an electrical current through water with a sodium chloride solution (NaCl), electrolyzed water is generated.

Bleach, Can You Make HOCL From It ?

Not recommended, but can be done. Pay attention to the pH.