What Can You Use Electrolyzed Water For?

If Electrolyzed water (EOW) is so great why isn't it in stores and most likely you have not even heard about it? The simple problem is that it doesn't store well, how crazy it that.

Applying some current to a salt water solution makes electrolyzed water, and the salt isn't even that much (1/2 teaspoon per gallon or water). The current splits the elements up into a disinfectant/sanitizer and a detergent. All non-toxic and work better than bleach, but not very stable.

In a short amount of time EOW turns back to normal water and salt. The time can be a week or two, so it doesn't store well on the shelf at a store. So if you want to use it, you basically have to make it yourself. The equipment to do that can be costly and that is where NatureChlor comes in. A low cost system to make your own.  And if you have purchased one of our hot tub systems you already have the equipment to make your own.

EOW Looks just like regular water. Most doubt that it does what the science says, but bubbles, lather, strong smell and all the other additives you get with other cleaning/sanitizing chemicals are not required, unless you have been watching a lot of commercials.