Spa Saltwater Chlorine Generation

If you are tired of the maintenance demands of manually adding chlorine and other chemicals to your spa or hot tub, then a spa saltwater chlorine generator may be just what you are looking for. Simply add salt once, and then let the spa chlorine generator turn the salt into chlorine. All ControlOMatic’s saltwater chlorine generators include the following features:

  • Adjustable power levels – no external timers are needed and include the ability to control the chlorine production built in
  • Automatic Cleaning – Chlorine generators have titanium plates that can acquire a buildup of calcium deposits from the electrolysis process. Automatic cleaning is where the voltage across the plates periodically reverses to help keep the plates clean
  • Salt level indication – An indication if there is enough salt for the electrolysis process to make chlorine
  • All our saltwater systems support both 110 and 220 VAC supply voltage
  • High current shutdown to protect the power supply and the titanium plates if you have too much salt
  • All our saltwater systems require a low 1500 to 2000 PPM salt concentration in the spa water

Plug and Play Hot Tub and Spa Salt Water Systems


  • Control box that mounts to the spa’s skirt
  • Drape over cell into the spa
  • Turns on based on chlorine detection
  • Visit SmarterSpa Page


  • Drape over cell, can be mounted inline
  • Control panel to change power level and boost mode
  • Easy to replace electrode
  • Visit ChlorMaker Page


  • Large swim spas and above ground pools
  • Drape over cell
  • Constant current, works with any salt level
  • Boost mode
  • High power electrode, up to 0.1 pound of chlorine per day
  • Visit MegaChlor page