Typically salt water chlorine generators operate on a timed cycle. Part of the time they are making chlorine, then part of the time they are off and then repeat. The SmarterSpa and MegaChlor-CD are the only chlorine generators in existence with chlorine detection technology built into the electrode. We are often asked if our chlorine generators turn on when the chlorine is low and the answer has always been you need to adjust the power level and then measure the chlorine the next day so see if the chlorine is where you want it. Eliminates over-chlorination, no need for a vacation mode or temperature compensation and if you have the power level set too high it doesn’t really matter – chlorine generation the way you expect it to be!

The built in sensor is made out of the precious metal gold and copper. The controller measures for the presence of sanitizer as a small current that is developed between the two wires.

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    • Peter

      I bought the smartspa kit about a 1 year ago for my hotsprings spa and find the automatic portion of the kit does not work. I find myself having to press the button to start the chlorination process manually. The unit is set to a level 5 and I have confirmed the salt , hardness and other important readings are in the range requested but it just never works on its own. I have to press the button or add chemicals every weekend to catch up. Any thoughts?

      I just cleaned the slates on the cell a 2nd time to make sure that is not the reason. The smaller electrode or wire fell off the cell during this cleaning. I have just bought a new one at $290 thinking I will try this product one more time. If it does not work after this I am looking elsewhere.

      Winter is coming and I don’t want to be pressing buttons or adding chlorine again. Please let me now any options.

      Thank you,
      Pete Minter

      • admin

        Did you try contacting our support department, support@controlomatic.com. We have more people checking it daily now. We don’t really look at our blog for support related items.

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