About ControlOMatic

A family run company located out in the countryside of Grass Valley. We have been designing spa chlorine generators since 2005 and chemical automation since 2008 and originally with Acu-Trol since 1993

ControlOMatic, Inc. is dedicated to bringing innovative, cutting edge, and value driven products to the pool & spa industry all in an effort to help consumers find ease and enjoyment out of taking care of their water. ControlOMatic was founded in 2005 by its current owner Scott Lenney. Prior to launching ControlOMatic, Scott Lenney was the entrepreneurial founder and inventor of Acu-Trol, Inc., which developed and manufactured complete water chemistry chemical control systems designed for commercial pool and spa use. Lenney’s legacy in the pool & spa industry continues through ControlOMatic with the development of spa saltwater systems and the PoolWarden water chemistry automatic control system.

Scott Lenney - CEO

Engineering / Product Development

MSEE from the California Institute of Technology as well as an MBA. Companies worked for include Hughes Aircraft Company on the Galaxy Class Satellites and various companies developing electric vehicles including GM, Systronix, Enova, and U.S Hybrid. Scott founded Acu-Trol in 1989 in Torrance, California and moved it to Grass Valley in 1997. At Acu-Trol Scott developed the chemical controllers AK100, AK1000, AK110, AK2100, AKColor, AK600 and the data server AcuManage. Currently running the engineering department at ControlOMatic he has developed a line of saltwater systems specifically designed for hot water spas and hot tubs as well as the single and two pool chemical controller PoolWarden and MiniWarden with an Internet driven data server. Scott can be reached at scott@controlomatic.com.

PoolWarden Support

Lance Fitzsimmons joined the ControlOMatic team to help support PoolWarden sales and technical support. Lance was with the first customers of Acu-Trol back in 1994 and with his years in the industry brings the ControlOMatic overall experience in the swimming pool chemical automation to over 70 years. Having been in the commercial chemical controller industry for over 25 years he is one of the foremost experts on swimming pool chemical automation. Lance can be reached at lance@controlomatic.com.

Lance Fitzsimmons