SpaChlorinator Spa Chlorine Generator

Easy to use - No Dials, No Buttons, No Screen. Economical and works great on spas up to 500 gallons.

SpaChlorinator is on and making chlorine when in the water and plugged in. If it is making too much chlorine, simply unplug it from time to time, add a timer or lower the salt level.

  • Pure Chlorination, up to 12 grams per day
  • Always on and easy to use
  • To clean the electrode, reverse the connection of the two wires.

The cell simply drapes over the side of the spa into the water and the spa doesn’t even have to be on when the SpaChlorinator is making chlorine.  Requires a GFCI VAC outlet that is within ten feet of the spa and has a rain-tight protective cover.

Included In Purchase:

  • 5′ Power supply cord, 10’ Cell supply cord
  • Low 12Vdc-1A power 100/240 vac power supply
  • Salt & Chlorine Test Strips, 10 tests each
  • 6-Month Limited Warranty
  • Owners Manual and cable clips

SpaChlorinator draped over into the spa