Hot Tub and Spa Salt Water Chlorine Generators

ControlOMatic develops and manufactures saltwater chlorinators for the pool and spa industry throughout the world. For the last 30 years, saltwater pools have been in high demand due to improved water quality and the huge reduction in maintenance that a saltwater system provides. Until now, a smaller saltwater system designed for a spa or hot tub was not an option. The standard spa chlorine generators offered by ControlOMatic are very easy to install and do not require the spa to even be on or interfere with the current plumbing or electronics, simply add salt, place in the water, and turn it on.

The TechniChlor,  ChlorMaker and SmarterSpa are saltwater systems uniquely designed for hot tubs and spas bringing the same water quality and maintenance reduction benefits that pool owners have enjoyed for years. Simply turn the water in your hot tub into saltwater by adding salt (about a teaspoon per gallon), and then let our chlorine generator take care of your sanitation needs day after day. The salt requirements for our saltwater systems is very low, between 1500 and 2000 PPM, less than 6% of the salt concentration of the ocean you most likely will not be able to taste the salt.


The SmarterSpa is the only spa and hot tub saltwater chlorine generator with built in chlorine detection in existence. It turns on when needed instead of a timed cycle. It doesn’t need a vacation mode or temperature compensation to try and limit chlorine production, it just turns on when needed. If fact, if you don’t properly set it up properly, that doesn’t really matter – it will still turn on when needed.


Spa saltwater system with control box
The ChlorMaker includes 10 power levels, salt level indication, external control box, boost mode and automatic cleaning. Easy to use buttons and LED’s for status.


Spa saltwater system with TAP technology
The TechniChlor™ has been specifically designed as a plug-n-play easy to install hot tub and spa chlorine generator that takes into account the spas high water temperature and small water volume. The TechniChlor will  sanitize your spa and hot tub water by converting skin softening saltwater into sanitizing chlorine.


Pool and swim spa saltwater system
ControlOMatic’s first large saltwater system for pools. The MegaChlor makes about 0.1 pounds of chlorine per day and is available as a plug-n-play drape over version for pools and swim spas up to 20,000 gallons. Uses a constant current design, salt level doesn’t matter!

Pool and Spa Chemical Automation

Chemical Automation refers to the automatic monitoring and control of the sanitizer and pH levels in water, in order to maintain clean, safe water at all times, while achieving significant reductions in the cost of chemicals, maintenance and repairs. Chemical automation is now recognized as a necessity for all commercial and public pools and spas, as well as for quality residential installations. ControlOMatic systems offer the most advanced line of electronic controllers for monitoring and control of water chemistry. For complete details please visit our PoolWarden website.

ControlOMatic's chemical automation is state of the art and can easily connect to the Internet for data collection and remote configuration.

MiniWarden Single Pool Controller

The MiniWarden is a pH and ORP controller with temperature display and many features not found in a lower cost chemical controller. ORP control with input voltage or dry contact for salt systems or solenoid valves using a transformer.

PoolWarden Two Pool Controller

The PoolWarden is a single or dual pool pH, ORP and Temperature controller with many advanced features not found even in more expensive chemical controllers. ORP control with input voltage or dry contact for salt systems or solenoid valves using a transformer. The PoolWarden also has LSI pH control and cyanuric acid ORP offset.


The SmarterPool is a pH, PPM and temperature controller. PPM control with 24VAC input voltage or dry contact for salt systems. Free chlorine measurements are not affected by pH, conditioner (CYA) or salt water chlorine generators.